Two things about me: I’m bad with looking after money, and I love food far too much.

I’m going to attempt to improve on both of these by setting myself a food budget of $60 per week. On top of this, I’m committing to eating fresh produce, which means nothing mass-produced or packaged (You get what I mean).

So today was day one.

All purchased from a local fruit+vege place. No supermarkets : )

All purchased from a local fruit+vege place. No supermarkets : )

So as well as what is shown above I got another dozen eggs and 10kg of potatoes, all up costing me $58 (under budget, woo!). It remains to be seen whether this will be enough (or too much?), and whether I can make proper use of it all. I think it’s a really important lesson to learn not to waste food, so I’m strictly going to make sure everything gets made the most of.

I’m thinking of making a trip to the local scrappy to see if they have any old empty oil drums, maybe I can even wire it over and make a little woodfire grill.

I imagine my constitution is going to take it pretty hard for the first couple of weeks (a diet with no sushi in it is very likely going to be rejected by my body!). I also notice I have no cheese….I think I will die….although I do have butter.

Anyway, wish me luck!